Preparing for next year plan is a must. Since it is almost the end of 2015, every sector has upgraded their design to the newest one. The trend periodically changed to the new design but there are some that just change on some details of the design. In a home, there is an area that usually upgraded. It is living room. Every year usually has its own design. And for 2016, living room design has been made perfectly to be launched in beginning of the year. Living room design 2016 is steps forward on the design of the whole matters. The concept is not far from the last year. It meets natural concept that supports world green improvement.

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Living room design usually takes sofa as the main furniture. It features color scheme, design and also the complement like sofa pillow. The popular sofa for 2016 is floor sofa design. It uses a square hole on the floor that build like a small pond but it doesn’t use water. It is added with comfortable cushions and bright sofa pillow color. Another design is classic living room design with classic single sofa. The ceiling is made like traditional home design. There are some living plants accents to increase the natural and green look. Fur carpet makes the day feels like warm and cozy.

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