Awesome Big Kitchen In Minimalist And Rustic Styles

What makes it look modern and rustic? The first thing is the choice of its wall color. It uses the combination of black and white which are the base color of the minimalist look. It combine them to avoid the dirt that easily comes in kitchen. Then the nest is the choice of the stove set. It uses no gas stove but an electric stove which look more modern and shopisticated.

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The rustic look can be seen from the choice of the furniture. It uses wood cabinet and build- in cabinet. It also use barn door to replace the glass door. Because the space is so spacious and wide, it can accomodate the dining room to be in one room with the kitchen. The dining set uses silver metallic that is so cool for this minimalist and rustic style kitchen.

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Rustic kitchen backsplash

In the gallery site, you can find more than ten pictures of big kitchen in minimalist and rustic styles. Those styles are simple and often in rough appearance. It has the typical look of a countryside. So, I can say that this kitchen has a unique touch because it combine a rustic with minimalist style that are poles apart. In addition, this is a spacious kitchen with wide and big space where you can move easily from one side to the others.

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Awesome Big Kitchen In Minimalist And Rustic Styles photo Gallery

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