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Well, everyone needs and wants house, right?  So, do I. And I bet, you also do. Everyone does because house is really important to our life. It gives us protection from the sun and rain. It becomes the most comfortable to stay with family. And, it is a really good investment to have since the price of a house will never go down. It raises and raises. Therefore, we need best house plans to make everything good. Best house plans are blueprint of our desired house. It pictures what we want to have, want we want to built to our house, what we want our house looks like, and what we need to realize it.

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In making the best house plans, we need to remember the four most important point of our house.

  • The first is the size of the land we have.
  • The second one is the structure or the architecture we wish to have.
  • The third is the material we need to build.
  • The last one is the interior design we want to have.

Knowing the size of the land is pretty essential for us before we build a house. It enables us to know how much land we have and what can we do with that. It is about limit. If we do not know it, I’m sure that we will fail in  the very first stage of planning. The second one is about the architecture or exterior design of our house.


What shape do you want to have? Is it possible to do with the amount of the land that I have? To what direction do I want my house direct to? Ask these questions to yourself. We also need to list the materials that we need along the building process and how much they cost so we know the total expenses of the house. It will help us to prepare the money so we won’t run out of money and cross the line of our budget. Last but not lease, what do you want to have in inside your house? What decoration and furniture do you want to bring in? What is the color? Where should you place it? You must know the answer of those questions before you start building your house.

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