Building house from shipping containers is probably weird and unfamiliar for many people. However, it is a real concept, has been applied to several houses. The concept is to use shipping containers as the main material for building a house. It is unique and also good for the environment.

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Building House from Shipping Containers: Environmental Friendly Concept
Imagine how many trees cut down to be house’s material. How many soil covered with cement for houses foundation. These are the kind of act that actually harms our planet. Less tree every day, less open ground soil, it soon be reaching its damage limit if this goes on. Building house from shipping containers is one of the environment friendly solutions for it. It is a recycling concept of used up materials, and it does not covering the soil as you can make it a stage house to make it simple.

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Building House from Shipping Containers: Careful Design for Beauty and Function
When you are building house from shipping containers, there are several things you need to consider. First, know where to buying shipping containers for home building and  make sure you make the best use of the container’s space, since it is as simple as an empty box. Second, make sure your home function such as water, disposal system, air system, and safety are well applied. Third, make sure that you make the metal box beautiful so people would not even realize it is starting out as a container.

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Environment friendly concept is urgently needed today since our planet is dying with so many destruction and damage everywhere. Shipping container house is one of the real applications of the concept since it is recycling waste materials. Furthermore, not only saving the earth, by building house from shipping containers you are also get yourself a unique and attractive place to live.

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