Color Trends 2016 Home Decor for Interior Designing

Color trends 2016 home decor for interior design is dominated by natural and vinatge color like white, black, grey, brown, and maroon. The choice of these natural and vintage colors is based from the desire to provide a warmer and more friendly circumstances. Well, it is not said that you cannot use another colors like orange, green , yellow, or blue. Yes, you can use them but mind the combination with the base colors mentioned previously.  I assume that we can use another colors but in a calmer and deeper tone and shade to avoid extreme shocking colors.

Interior house paint colors

To achieve the warm and friendly circumstances but not to look boring, a matching combination is required. For example, you want to use maroon as your wall color, so make sure you find any other vintage colors for your interior furniture. As for me, I will place a two door black glass cupboard full of my ceramics collection. Those two colors are so much different but yet both are vintage so i can get the warm air and not boring look. Besides, those two colors are bold so it is good to put them together to bold the look. For another furniture, I will pick a more neutral color rather than the bold color. I do this to avoid to much look which can make the whole idea of warm circumstances fail. Just pick  brown wooden dining table. Put cream dining sets, red table cloth, and some candle holder to maximize the warm.

Color Trends 2016 to your Home

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