The housing concept is now lively discussed. People need house to be their place to live. Various concepts of housing come up as the result of it. One of them is glass house concept. This kind of house features glass as the main material to build a house. If common house uses stone and brick to their walls, this house concept uses glass to be its walls.

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This housing concept can be said as modern home design. But, it now improves to be various house themes such as traditional, classic and futuristic. It depends on how you combine it. Glass house is usually identical with natural and eco-green goal. By designing glass walls, we don’t need to give too many lighting in the rooms because we can get enough light from the sun. It will decrease the usage of electricity.

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The Pinnacle List

The Pinnacle List

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Glass house design is usually build in a large space of yard. Like the common house, it also has various rooms like bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. The difference is that everything in will show clearly because the walls made from glass. You need some curtains to cover the walls from the inside. When the concept is eco-green glass house, you can combine it with wooden material. The floor and the wall pillars will excellently beautiful and get the theme. You can also plant tree around the yard to decrease the hotness from the sun heat. The shady tree will be more perfect.

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