I like green very much. I don’t know why but maybe it is because green is such a fresh color. It feels so fresh everytime I look at green. I have painted my bedroom in soft and light green with combination of teal. It looks so great. And now, I want to expand the goodness in my living room. Well, this is the last room I will paint it with green.


I like to paint my whole home with green but my friends say that by doing so I will turn my house into jungle LOL. So, it is the last chance I have. I think quite a long time before lime green living room ideas strucks me. After getting hit by that ideas, i just feel that it is right and start decorating my living room with that.


Mint green living room

May be you are wondering why I don’t use light green as what I do to my bedroom. Well, not to mention I don’t want to have a repetion that will bring into boredom, for a living room I need something that is bolder and lime green is absolutely does. So, I paint my wall with that beautiful lime green color. In a corner near windows, I put a combination with white color. I also put lime green chevron rug under my living room seating set. For the seating set itself, I use the one with black color to bold both color. Then, for my curtain, I put lime green in combination with teal, emerald, and tosca. And, Voila! This is it! Lime green living room ideas a la me myself. That’s looking fit!



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